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~ The Martyr's Son ~

Armen Arakelian, Lori Ciccanti & Parease Arakelian with Cheryl Sasai Ellicott

Sweetwater Still/2016/Paperback

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"Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?"

-- Adolph Hitler, August 22, 1939


What if your future was revealed in the past? Would you abandon everything, even your homeland, during a time of peace and safety?

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Follow the powerful, true story of a young couple whose families are caught in the middle of an ancient battle. Incited by an unseen enemy, their neighbors suddenly rise up against them. When help finally arrives, very few remain. These survivors are destined to discover a glorious mystery; with it they'll transform the world.

From Mount Ararat to the golden shores of opportunity, their flight from tyranny to liberty leads them on the exact path revealed years earlier. As they delve deeper into the secrets of their faith, they see God's plan unfold.

The insight of the Martyr's Son will astound you--and he may change how you see your own homeland.



Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 234
Publisher: Sweetwater Still
Publication Date: April 24, 2016
ISBN: 97809843599-3-6
Availability: Available for order



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From www.wordsabouttheword.com: "This book is well worth reading. The writing kept this reviewer turning pages to see what would happen. A suspense thread throughout the book kept me on the edge of my seat. This compelling story has a bearing upon our modern times and upon the future of the USA. " Read more here.


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April 11, 2016


An unforgettable story of the power and strength of faith in Jesus set against the backdrop of persecution leading to generations of unimaginable genocide in the name of religion.

Ed Thornton PhD

Retired Professor Of Management & Organizational Behavior



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April 11, 2016


The book, The Martyr's Son, is an easy read but it is not for the faint-hearted.

It is the story of how faith in Jesus and the bible saved the life of a young boy, Armen Arakelian, from a sure death in the annihilation of the Armenians at the hands of Turkish Muslims during the World War I era. With God's help and the help of other Armenians of great faith, Armen's mother contrived for him to survive, allowing him to marry, have a family and thrive in the United States.

The book is written in short paragraphs and short chapters, making it easy to digest in small bites. The material is heavy, but the text is written in such a way that it can be understood and appreciated by teenagers and adults alike. A short primer on Mohammedan beliefs as written in the Koran is a follow-up to the story.

Definitely worth reading.

Cathy Thornton -- Retired!



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April 7, 2016


I wanted to give this book a hearty THUMBS UP!!! Definitely a 5 in my book!

Not only is this historical narrative and testimony loaded with topical information, such as the glossary in the back of the book, but it is also very timely, given the political climate of today. This book helps the reader to see that the same 'Ottoman Empire' influences and religious genocide that is sweeping the globe today started centuries back. As a Christian (follower of the Messiah) and intercessor, I am called to pray for the suffering Church, the missionaries and martyrs of today.

This book opened my eyes to a genocide (of so many) that I never learned in history. And the selfless lives and faith of the Armenian people moved me deeply. The story of Parease's parents (what courage and faith they had in the midst of relentless suffering) was a clarion call to me to daily lift up the suffering saints (namely, the scourge of ISIS) of today. Turkey is again in the news, and the Mosul Christians, and Kurdish Pashmergas in Erbil could possibly be descendants of those I read about in "The Martyr's Son".

I wish this book were required reading in secondary schools civics classes, to serve as as wake-up call to the Western world. The book is very well written and researched, and the heart of these dear people comes through brilliantly. An excellent read that compels one to pray, and to see, if we live long enough, history repeats itself (for better or worse) in every generation.

E.A. Cassutto

Lightbeacon Ministries & Services,

P.O. Box 1445, Millsboro, DE. 19966



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March 3, 2016


Thank you so much for this wonderful book!

I must tell you that I have read "Under a New Banner" and am friends with the family. HOWEVER, since reading this book, I feel challenged once again to pursue in earnest a more active part in leading souls to Christ Who I love and serve.

Today I have given a copy of the book to my non believer Armenian friend and neighbor, also one to a believer who is new in the Word.

The story is captivating throughout the book. So much detail is given about the Armenian people and the history of the time in which this genocide took place. Even today, we experience the utter depravity of the human being.

My thanks extends to each one who put this amazing story together. I pray God will bless each of you on your individual journey, also bless the message in this book for souls to receive Christ and boldly live out their faith.

Looking forward to the day when we all meet together at Jesus feet and sing praises to God for all eternity.

Love in Christ,

Marilyn Perks,

Palm Desert, California



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March 24, 2016


What a powerful story of faith!

Oh my word I couldn't put this book down! From the opening pages you will be drawn into this remarkable story and travel through history with these families. You will learn a history lesson of the massacre of the Armenian people, mourn their losses, and marvel at their strength. You will see Gods hand at work, and you will be strengthened by their story of survival. But mostly you will be challenged in your own faith, waiting for Gods plan to unfold in your own life.

The Martyr's Son is a must read!

Dianna DiGiacoma


KEYWORDS: Armenian Genocide, Christian Martyr's, Radical Islam, Muslim Violence, Moslem, Turkey, Turkish Ottoman Empire, Jesus, Bible, Jesus Movement, Efim Klubniken, Radical Muslim, Sharia





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